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Logo of purple lotus
A boy sitting on a rock with one hand held high in the air. Showcasing transformation and triumph
You are wonderful!

Amidst muddied waters deep, Lotus thrives,
From darkness to light, its journey derives.
Resilient spirit, beauty it displays,
Daily it blooms, life's wonders it conveys.

Symbol of purity, enlightenment's grace,
In cultures embraced, its essence we trace.
Purple Lotus, we empower your soul's flight,
Blossom, transform, embrace your own light.

What is our purpose?

To create an empowered, 
blossoming global community. 

To impact and touch lives with our bespoke curated programmes, which blend ancient wisdom with modern science, inspiring holistic, purposeful living and personal transformation. 

Our Guiding Principles


Embracing and teaching both modern and traditional fitness practices to engage both body and mind and empower a conscious shift towards wellness.


Appreciating the fundamental synergy between nutrition, the mind, and the physical self is crucial. What goes into the body as fuel, should feed the mental, the physical and the soul.


Inspiring a sense of belonging and oneness with Mother Earth. Awareness and deep responsibility to care for all natural elements is at the core of who we are.

Giving Back

Uplifting, helping and collaborating towards meaningful change in oneself and others. Wellness is not just centred on the self; it is awareness of a higher purpose, a connection to others and existing in oneness.

A happy school teen woman in hijab

For Young

Empower The Next Generation

A happy woman in an orange t-shirt sitting and doing yoga, showcasing health and wellness

For Self

Nurture Your True Essence

For Corporate

Elevate Employee Wellbeing

A Office Woman in suit sitting and doing meditation, showing the importance of mindfulness in corporate world.
A collection of hands touching each other making a circle, showing community and togetherness

For Community 

Amplify Your Impact

Our Experiential Programmes.

Made for You. 

Explore our diverse offerings for Self, Young, Corporate and Community. Embrace a mindful, sustainable, and purpose-driven path to a brighter future.

Upcoming Experiences

Khasab Musandam, Oman, Experience

A day-long program filled with unforgettable experiences

24th February | Dubai & Oman 

Work-Life Integration: Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing

Comming Soon

Details Coming Soon | Dubai

Fit for Life Experience: Unlocking Your Physical Potential

Comming Soon

​Details Coming Soon | Dubai

Upcoming Experiences

  • Work-Life Integration: Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing
    Work-Life Integration: Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing
    Details Coming Soon
    Details Coming Soon
    Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Details Coming Soon
    Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Achieve a harmonious work-life balance for your employees or students through this transformative program. Participants will explore strategies to manage stress, improve time management, and prioritize self-care, leading to increased productivity, engagement, and overall wellbeing.
  • Fit for Life: Unlocking Your Physical Potential
    Fit for Life: Unlocking Your Physical Potential
    Details Coming Soon
    Details Coming Soon
    Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Details Coming Soon
    Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    This dynamic fitness program goes beyond conventional workouts, focusing on functional fitness and holistic health. Learn from expert coaches as you build strength, flexibility, and endurance, tailored to your unique needs, enabling you to live an active and vibrant life.
  • The Power of Mindful Living
    The Power of Mindful Living
    Details Coming Soon
    Details Coming Soon
    Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Details Coming Soon
    Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Join our Empowering Communities program and be part of a global movement committed to making a positive difference. Engage in meaningful volunteer projects, philanthropic initiatives, and social impact activities, creating a ripple effect of positive change for the betterment of society.

Upcoming Experiences

April 10th to April 15th | Nepal

A Journey of Self-Discovery in Nepal 

Booking Closed

24th February | Dubai & Oman 

Khasab Musandam, Oman,


Details Coming Soon | Dubai

Fit for Life Experience: Unlocking Your Physical Potential

Coming Soon

The heart of Purple Lotus's transformative journey lies with the visionaries and co-creators. They have woven threads of ancient wisdom and modern insight into a tapestry of empowerment, purpose, and holistic well-being.


Image of Shernaz, the founder of purple lotus


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Hi. I am Shernaz, a NLP lifestyle transformation coach, Yoga coach from the most authentic school of yoga, Art of Living, Sri Sri school of Yoga, India. Reiki Master, Theta healer, Breathe and Body Resonance teacher and other healing modalities.

Image of Ahlam, co-creator of purple lotus


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Hi. I am Ahlam. I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Nutritionist. I help to get you to the Root Cause of your Disease. I believe there is a better way to heal than adopting a Pill for every ill. Our bodies are very intelligent and very resourceful and know how to heal if only we would give our bodies the nurturing and space. 

Image of rohit, co-creator of purple lotus


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Hi. I am Rohit, a Communication Wizard, world-leading speaker, educator and motivator. 
I coach to embrace change, conflict and confusion in your career, business and life. Mind flow shift to amplify courage, clarity, conviction and compassion.

At Purple Lotus, our mission is to inspire transformation and foster holistic well-being. But don't just take our word for it; hear the heartfelt stories of individuals whose lives have been touched by our programmes.


"Purple Lotus has been a guiding light on my journey to holistic wellbeing. The mindfulness practices helped me navigate life's challenges with grace, while the sustainable living programmes transformed the way I relate to the environment. Being part of this community has brought balance to my life, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it continues to have." 



Image of young adults boys and girls smiling with their hands on each other's back

"As a young individual, Purple Lotus's programmes have been a revelation. The youth-focused offerings helped me develop leadership skills, mindfulness, and a sense of purpose. I now approach life with clarity and conviction, ready to make a positive impact on the world. Purple Lotus has truly empowered me to thrive." 



a man walking through a forest in the evening time and sunlight coming

"Our corporate team underwent Purple Lotus's programmes, and the results were remarkable. The integration of mindfulness, fitness, and community engagement transformed our workplace culture. Our employees now feel more connected, motivated, and aligned with our values. Purple Lotus helped us realize the power of holistic wellbeing in driving organizational success."



Volunteers cleaning a local park showing a happy community

Visionaries Behind Purple Lotus

Meet the brilliant minds and compassionate hearts driving the transformative force of Purple Lotus. Our founders, Shernaz Dubash and Emmy Brown.

Founder / Purple Lotus

Shernaz Dubash

Image of Shernaz Dubash, founder of purple lotus

A passionate advocate for mindfulness and sustainable living, Shernaz brings a wealth of expertise in guiding individuals on their personal growth journeys.

Co-Founder / Purple Lotus

Emmy Brown

image of Emmy Brown, cofounder of purple lotus

With an unwavering commitment to building a purposeful brand, Emmy brings her keen eye for innovation and creativity to Purple Lotus.

Get In Touch

Thank you for your enquiry and we will be in touch soon.

Blossom into Radiant Holistic Wellbeing

Welcome to Purple Lotus, where transformation blooms! Embrace a journey of holistic wellbeing, personal growth, and purposeful living. Our lifestyle transformational programs, blending ancient wisdom with modern science, empower you to unlock your true potential. 

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